Friday, June 27, 2014

Toothpaste... The guy cracks me up

Last night Scott and I were laying on the couch and he fell asleep (He always blames me for wanting to go to bed early, but I think he likes it just as much as I do sometimes). I didn’t want to wake him up because he has been having a hard time getting comfortable the last couple of nights because his neck has been sore. I finished up a couple of things and got ready for bed by myself. He woke up a little after I had gotten into bed and didn’t want to wake me up so he decided to get ready for bed in the dark, including brushing his teeth. He told me that he couldn’t get any toothpaste to come out of the tube so he had to squeeze really hard. When he still couldn’t get any out  he decided to turn on the light, thinking that maybe the cap wasn't off all the way or something. With the help of the light he was able to see that the cap was off and he did have toothpaste on his toothbrush... and in the sink... and all over the tube of toothpaste.  When Scott told me the story I was laughing so hard, he certainly does put a smile on my face.   

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We may be boring, but that's okay

I keep asking myself why I have a blog for just Scott and me because I rarely post anything. It always seems like everyone we know live these completely entertaining and eventful lives. I keep waiting for something exciting and “blog worthy” to happen so I can have something epic to write about. It turns out that Scott and I lead a relatively boring and uneventful life. We have one big thing going on in our lives right now… I’m growing a human being, which is a HUGE deal for us (huge enough that I have a blog solely dedicated to updates on my pregnancy). 
  • I want to blog so that I can look back and remember how much fun Scott and I are having at this time in our lives. We might not be doing anything to crazy or memorable, but life is good right now, and I don’t want to forget that.
  • I want to blog so that our families have a way to keep up with what is going on in our lives while we are far away. I know that I would love to know more about what is going on in my sibling’s lives and we rarely call each other just to catch up.
  • I want to blog, because I enjoy writing. I know that I’m not a great writer by any means, but I enjoy sitting down and putting thoughts on paper.
Although I love seeing that my blogs are being viewed I think that I blog more for me than for anyone else. So, here is what Scott and I have been up to lately.

We watch a lot of Netflix, much more than I would like to admit to. We have enjoyed going outside for walks as long as it isn't too muggy out. Recently we have been watching the World cup, which is so much more fun since our team won their first game! (Go USA) We are working on living on a smaller budget than we are used to. After our little girl comes I’m not sure if I will go back to work or not so we need to be prepared to cut back. I have been trying to make dinner for us every night, I cannot believe how fast eating out adds up.  Right now life is pretty good at the Robinson's.

Scott was sure that he wanted the large size sundae.
It ended up being huge and he couldn't eat it all.