Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chicago... Our Delayed Anniversary Adventure

There have been 3 or 4 times that Scott and I have made plans to go to Chicago to do all the touristy stuff. We always have the intention to go down but then it rains or something else comes up that we feel is more important. This time we actually followed through with our plans and we went to Chicago.

Our anniversary just happened to be right in the middle of Scott's finals week, so we decided to push back our celebrating until Scott was on his break from school. We also figure this will be our last chance to get out and do our own thing before the baby comes. Chicago was so much fun! (Excuse the pictures, it's hard to get the two of us in the same picture. We needed to find someone to come with us next time so we can get pictures of both of us together.)

First we went to the temple, since it can sometimes be hard to get down there when we plan to. The temple in Chicago seems so different from the ones in Utah. It is much smaller and much quieter. 

After the temple we checked into our hotel, and headed downtown. We decided to stay in a hotel by the airport and then just catch the train into the city to save some money. We walked around millennium park for a little bit and just looked at how huge all the buildings were. We got to see the famous "bean".

By the time we got into the city and walked around for a little while we were STARVING. So we pulled up a map of close by restaurants and saw that there was a PF Changs not too far from where we were. (We figured that PF Changs was perfect since we were celebrating our anniversary and we had our first date and got engaged at the PF Changs in Provo)

My phone didn't flash, so Scott's
picture of me is a little better
It took FOREVER to get our food and then even longer for us to get our check. By the time dinner was over both Scott and I were ready to go back to the hotel and just hang out for the night. The next day we woke up and headed straight for an architecture boat tour. Here are some of the cool buildings we saw. Scott went a little crazy with the camera. I think we have like 20 identical pictures of each of the buildings we passed. The tour was a little expensive, but it was really fun seeing all of the buildings and being able to hear about some of the history. It was perfect weather the entire morning, and we only started getting hot during the last 10 or so minutes of the tour.

Trump building
Wrigley Building
Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower)

The buildings are so Tall!
We just happened to be in Chicago while they were doing the air and water show, which meant that every 10 minutes or so we had fighter jets flying over us. I cannot believe how loud those jets can be. 

They look tiny, but they sure do make a lot of noise.
A friend of mine recommended that we go to Giordano's to grab some Chicago style pizza, and we happened to walk past one on our way back to the train. It was really good pizza, but the two of us couldn't eat the whole pizza by ourselves.

We had planned to head over to the Shedd aquarium for the rest of the afternoon, but when we got there the line to get tickets was HUGE and it wasn't moving. We decided that we live close enough to Chicago that we can plan a trip on a different day to go to the aquarium. Instead we walked over to the Buckingham Fountain. It was pretty cool, and something I hadn't heard of before.

It was a great weekend and I really loved being able to spend time with Scott. This year is supposed to be the hardest year of school, so I probably won't be seeing him too much once the school year starts.


  1. Cute pictures! Next time we will accompany you to help take pictures!!! Glad you guys had fun!

  2. That looks so fun! I can't wait to come visit!

  3. Amber- you look gorgeous! and adorable! such a fun trip. impressed that the temple was the first thing you went to see.
    happy anniversary!

  4. You look fabulous! We took Tyler to the aquarium when he was 7-8 months old and he LOVED it! I think you'll enjoy it most with a baby :) That pizza is huge! Fun trip!

  5. Ali - You can become our tag-a-long photographer any time!

    Kelci, I didn't know you were really considering coming out! If you do we could totally take a day and spend it in Chicago.

    Amy B - Thanks! The temple is the only thing we have been to multiple times, we miss being in Utah where we have 6 to choose from in a 30 minute radius.

    Amy A - We probably won't go back to do the aquarium until next summer, and hopefully our baby will be old enough to enjoy it a little bit.