Saturday, August 2, 2014

State Fair 2014

This is our second year going to the state fair. Last year we were able to go with Steve and Heidi while they were out here. I think that it is always better to go with friends to these kinds of things. 

This year we went with our dental school friends. So you know how many different foods can be fried? As if Twinkies weren't already unhealthy enough for you.  We didn't try anything too crazy this year, we had: chocolate milk, strawberry milk, fruit hoops milk, fried pickles, cheese curd, pizza cones, funnel cake, and ice cream sundaes. Foods we didn't try: chocolate covered bacon on a stick, deep fried cheese cake, fried peanut butter and jelly, cajun shark, turtle on a stick, maple cotton candy or maple sundae. Next year maybe we will get a little more daring and go for some of the less normal food. 
Funnel Cake

Fried Pickles

25 cent Milk
Chocolate and Strawberry Milk (Creepy Brady in the back)
One of the friends we were with has a couple of kids so we went through and saw the animals they had. We started out walking through and looking at the sheep, eventually we moved on to the cows. Do you know how huge cows are? We drove past plenty on our way out to Wisconsin, but standing right next to them made them seem so much bigger than I thought they were. I remember milking a cow once when I was super little, but when you're little everything seems big. Turns out that cows are still big even after you aren't little yourself. 

This is Vance, he's adorable and it was fun hanging out with him at the fair.
I needed to sit down for a minute, and a performer started setting up his act right next to us. He said he was going to fit a bunch of people into a huge latex balloon. We figure since we were already there we might as well stay and watch his little act. He had a huge balloon that he filled up with a leaf blower, and he managed to fit himself and 4 others in the balloon with him. It was pretty crazy. (I will post pictures once Scott sends them to me.)

There are 5 people in there...
As we were walking out of the fair I realized how swollen my hands were. It was pretty hot outside and we were walking around for a little under 4 hours. I couldn't get my wedding ring off of my hand, and it is usually pretty loose on me. Once I got home I realized that my feet were even more swollen than my hands (I'm guessing this is all thanks to being pregnant). That was enough state fair for me, but I'm sure we will probably be ready to go next year when it rolls around. 

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  1. I know I'm creeping on your blog!! I just love all your cute and fun pictures along with the cute stories!!