Sunday, July 6, 2014

When family comes to town

Scott and I loved having his parents in town the last few days. It is nice to have people come and visit us from back home.

Scott has been able to go golfing a couple times with his dad while he has been out here. Scott's dad's golf clubs (and golf shoes) didn't make it here with the rest of their luggage so Dean had to rent clubs for their first golf outing. Luckily they showed up before their second outing. They went to The Bog for their first trip and Dretzka for the next.

The Bog
Our amazing land lords, Fred & Kathy usually have a get together at their house for all the summer holidays. It was fun to be able to introduce Scott's parents to the two who have made our adjustment to living in Wisconsin so amazing!  I have never met anyone as nice or as generous as those two. We love being able to get together with all of our neighbors and friends at Fred's house.

Dean, Lori, Kathy, Fred, Scott, Me
A trip to Milwaukee isn't complete without a trip for custard. There are quite a few custard places here, but Kopp's is probably our favorite (Their flavor of the day was mint chip, which is probably my favorite flavor so we had to go).

Jersey Mikes

Kopp's (Isn't it cute that Scott still dresses to match his dad)

On our way to the airport we made a quick trip to the Marquette to show them where Scott goes to school. 

We are so grateful that Dean and Lori were able to come out and visit with us for a few days. It has been a lot of fun catching up with them and showing them our life out here in Wisconsin. We will miss having company in town, but hopefully we will be able to visit Utah soon. 

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  1. I want to come!! :) I can't wait til you visit here :) Loved the matching