Thursday, January 29, 2015

3 months

Three Month Stats: She doesn't go back in to the doctor until a little after 4 months,  so I'll update you on her stats then.

Clothes: She still fits in newborn onesies, but she is starting to grow into her 3 month clothes. She isn't drowning in them anymore. 3 month pajamas with the feet fit perfectly right now, so she will probably be too long for them soon.

Sleep: The last couple weeks she has had some sleep regression (that might be due to transitioning her into her crib.) Still waiting to get a couple long stretches of sleep at night. We have had too many nights of her waking every 30 minutes.

Milestones: She is batting at objects and it is definitely on purpose and not on accident. She grabs ahold of hey toys now and will put them in her mouth. She is laughing more often now, and is always smiling as long as she has gotten enough sleep. She is starting to roll to her side more often when we put her on the ground.

Firsts this month:
  • First time getting a blessing
  • Sleeping in her crib
  • First time going to all 3 hours of church
  • First Packers Game

  • Got her first shots (She really didn't like it, but I think that I didn't like it even more than she did)
  • First time getting sick, she had a fever and was throwing up. 
  • Looking at herself in a mirror, one of her toys has a mirror and she just smiles at herself. 
  • Nursing to sleep, it's pretty much the only easy way to get her to fall asleep
  • Being held while sleeping
  • Her hands, they are always in her mouth, even when she is trying to eat
  • Walking around the house with mommy
  • Being held up in the air like superman and then lowered down for kisses.
  • Facing outward when being held
  • Getting raspberries blown on her belly and thighs 
  • Any attention she can get from her mommy and daddy 
  • Being burped
  • Getting her diaper changed in the middle of the night
  • Loud noises
Things I want to remember
  • Scott often talks in his sleep, but there was one night that he was sitting up in bed and kept flipping the comforter up in front of him. I asked him what he was doing and said he couldn't find Lacey's head. Lacey was in the rock and play beside the bed (where she used to sleep). When I asked him about it in the morning he said that he vaguely remembered it and he was so worried that he was holding Lacey and lost her in our bedding. 
  • She always gives me the biggest grin when I go to get her when she wakes up.  She can be crying and as soon as she sees me she stops and just smiles at me. 
  • When she wakes up to be fed in the middle of the night she talks from the second I walk in the door until I start feeding her. It is the most adorable little voice ever. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lacey's Blessing

Today we were able to bless Lacey at church. We debated about doing it while we were with family in Utah, but decided to do it here in our ward in Milwaukee because this is where all of our friends are now. The plan was to do it last week, but Lacey was a little grumpy because she had just gotten her vaccines.

I was so nervous that she would cry during the blessing. She is a really happy baby, unless she is hungry or tired. If she is hungry or tired, then the only thing that really helps to calm her down is for her to nurse. We got to church a little early so I got her dressed and then I nursed her so she would be as content as possible when it came time for the blessing. She was smiling all the way up to the time that she was blessed and she was perfect for the blessing. She is always so alert and she just looked around at the circle of priesthood holders as Scott blessed her.

Scott is seriously the best dad ever. He did such a great job, and the blessing was so sweet. Here are a few of the things that I remember:

  • Know that she is loved by her Heavenly Father and He wants her to be happy
  • Have the desire to read the scriptures and develop a testimony of her own 
  • The ability to make friends and be an example and a light to them
  • Physical Health
  • Desire to make sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father, baptism and marriage in the temple.

I am so grateful to be a member of the church. I can't wait to teach Lacey about her Heavenly Father and how much he loves her.

I was able to make the blessing dress for Lacey. It didn't turn out exactly how I had pictured, but I'm a little proud of how pretty it turned out to be. My mom made my blessing dress, and I considered using the same dress for Lacey, but then decided to make her one.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Family Pictures

We had our first family pictures taken right after Thanksgiving. Let me tell you, it was more of a hassle than I was anticipating.

Lacey must have a sixth sense for when I am stressed. I wanted to make sure that Lacey was happy for our family pictures, so I showed up 45 minutes before our scheduled time to feed Lacey and put her in the outfit we picked out for pictures. I sat in the parking lot and started to feed her, but then she decided to poop. Not just a small one, but one that ran all up her back. I was cramped in the car, trying to quickly get Lacey out of her dirty clothes so that I could finish feeding her and get her into a clean outfit. I learned that it's a little difficult to change a baby's diaper on your lap in the car. I finished feeding her with just enough time to put on a clean outfit and get inside. As soon as I put her shirt on, she spit up all down the front of it. Luckily, I had a sweater that went over the top of it. As much of a hassle as it was, I think that we got some good pictures.

She was so happy and content until the end.