Tuesday, August 12, 2014


A month or so ago I split a box of peaches with one of our neighbors. They were amazing and I have been craving more peaches ever since. I really wanted another bunch of peaches and so I found a friend willing to split a box with me (25 lbs of peaches is a lot of peaches for only 2 people). The peaches are finally ripe and ready to eat! They are so delicious, I am pretty sure I eat between 2-5 peaches a day. Even with only half a box I have to get creative on how to go through 13ish lbs of peaches. 
I feel like we always had homemade jam on hand while I was growing up. I can remember helping my mom mash up strawberries or raspberries, whatever it was that we were going to make into jam. Raspberry peach jam is by far my favorite kind of homemade jam. It is amazing!

Last summer I attempted to make some strawberry jam, and it didn't turn out very well. It was extra runny, and Scott complained that I didn't add enough sugar. I thought I would attempt to make some raspberry peach jam, and get rid of all the uneaten jam from last year's attempt. If you are naive and don't know how much sugar is in homemade jam don't look at my pictures... There is A LOT of sugar in homemade jam.

Peaches - I chopped them up a lot smaller that this
Just the fruit
Then I added the sugar... 
After adding all the sugar and pectin.
I only had 7 jars on hand, so I had to use some other containers.
 I tried some this morning on a piece of toast and I think that it tasted great. Now I just need Scott to wake up and test it to see if it really is good.  I'm debating going to the store to get more jars so I can make a second batch, to share of course.



  1. how about peach ice cream? homemade jam is SO good

  2. Kristen, Scott keeps saying the same thing about making peach ice cream... I just need to find the space in the freezer and I would be all for that.

  3. I love this jam! I've had 8 pieces in the last 48 hours. Now we need more bread...

  4. I've never heard of that before. We'll have to try it

  5. Amy, It's amazing! We will have to try and bring a jar (or two) when we come home for Christmas. Scott keeps telling me that we need to make more so we don't run out before next peach season.