Sunday, August 17, 2014

Something I missed 6 months ago.

I am going to apologize right now because the majority of my posts lately have been all about Scott (Let's be honest, I think he's pretty freaking awesome!). Plus, I figure in a few months that will all change and everything I post will be baby related, so enjoy the subject of Scott while you can. 

6 months ago was Scott's 25th birth... which is a HUGE deal.  He officially became a quarter of a century (After age 21 there are very few landmark birthdays and I think 25 is one of them. It's the birthday that I think people start falling into the "old" category). I didn't totally forget about his birthday or anything, he still was able to open some gifts and things. We didn't really do anything special to celebrate. I wanted to do cake and ice cream with some of his friends, but then things just didn't work out and once I realized it wasn't going to work out it was already too late to celebrate Scott's birthday. 

His family always does mini cupcakes in the shape of the number you are turning and I love that tradition so I plan on continuing it with our family. Since I didn't get to make him his cupcakes on his birthday I figure the next best day to celebrate it would be on his half birthday. Today we celebrated Scott by eating his favorite dinner (chicken wantons), cake, and ice cream. Happy 25.5 Scott! (I won't miss your birthday next year)

It says 25.5, but it's hard to read at this angle
Yep, I made him blow our candles... he didn't get to on his actual birthday.

He got them all but one, he tried to convince me to only do half the candles.

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