Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby Shower

One of our dental friends are also having a little baby this year, they are due just a few weeks after I am and they are having a little boy. A few of the girls in Scott's class are pretty excited about us having babies and they decided to throw us a little joint baby shower. It was so sweet of them to think of us, when I know they probably could be busy doing something school related. ( I didn't take any of my own pictures so here are the ones I pulled from Facebook.

I know, I look retarded.
The other happy couple. Eric and Kimmy.
It was so fun, and a little overwhelming, to meet so many of Scott's classmates. I'm pretty proud of myself, I think that I remember a solid 20 or so names from the people I was introduced to. They had a couple games set up for people to play.
They could put a $1 in the pot and guess when the baby would come.
Closest person gets the money.

They got to give us some advice.
My favorite was advice for Scott to take me out sometimes.

They wrote little messages on some diapers for us. Some of them were awesome.
Guess how many m&ms are in the bottle bank. (1377 m&ms)

Cute food display, we even got to keep the binky.
Quite a few people came out, we really appreciate all the support!
Huge Thank You to the girls who took the time to organize this for us, Valentina, Valerie, Emily, and Alicia. You guys are wonderful (although I doubt any of you read our blog, haha)! Scott and I really couldn't imagine being anywhere else, we are so lucky to be a part of this class, and living the life out here in Milwaukee. 

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