Saturday, May 3, 2014

If you haven't heard...

Scott and I have some pretty great news. We’re going to be having a baby! We couldn’t be more excited, and Scott is going to be an AWESOME dad (especially once he is done with dental school). Scott and I hit a few bumps in the road before getting to this point, and it took us a lot longer to get here than we were originally planning. We made it, finally, and we can’t wait for this little one to get here.

We found out that I was pregnant on Valentine’s Day, I was originally planning to wait until Scott’s birthday (February 17th)  to take the test, but I just knew that I was pregnant and couldn’t wait any longer before taking a pregnancy test. I felt like February was going to be the month, so much so that I went to the store and bought a little boy and a little girl outfit to give to Scott once the test came back positive. As soon as I saw those two pink lines I went in to Scott and told him I had a present. I told him that he could open it for Valentine’s Day or his birthday, he could choose (I know Scott well enough to know that he will never choose to wait for a present when given the option). I got his reaction on camera, but Scott won't let me post it.

I am just shy of 15 weeks right now, putting my due date on October 27th (6 months, seems like a long time but a short time all at once). If you want to follow my pregnancy a little more, I put a link up on the top of this blog to our page about the pregnancy.  


  1. Congrats Amber, that is such exciting news!! Valentine's day seems like the perfect day to find out :)

  2. Yay Congrats again and again! I want to see the video!!! :) So fun about valentine's day!