Saturday, May 28, 2016

Last minute plans

today as we were getting our shoes on to make a trip to Costco I saw how beat up Scott's shoes had gotten. He is required to wear white shoes while he is in clinic and he has used the same pair for the past three years. It was time for him to get some new ones. Instead of going to our normal Costco we decided to go down to the outlet mall that is 45 minutes from us. What we didn't realize is the fact the it is Memorial Day weekend. It was absolutely crazy. We had Lacey in her stroller and it took us twice as long to get anywhere because there were so many people. We were able to find so many good deals. Scott has a couple new pairs of shoes and Lacey has a new wardrobe.

It was a pretty great day. We hardly ever decide to do anything last minute, so this was a fun change. To top it off, Scott even made dinner and cleaned the kitchen.

Friday, May 27, 2016

This Stage...

Every new stage that Lacey goes through is my favorite. I love how giggly she is. I love how she loves to be tickled. I love that she is learning to communicate. I love that she will run up and give Scott a huge hug when he gets home. I love that she loves being outside. I love that she know all her animals and tries to do their sounds. I love that she always says "I you" (I love you) all the time without being prompted. I love that she always says please and thank you. I love that she will swing for hours if we let her. I love that she is interested in books. I love that she gives lots of kisses. I love that she has to kiss her own hands after she falls. I love that she loves watching bugs. I love how she says "cupcake."  I love that she says "twinkle twinkle" when she wants to sing songs. I love that she know all the actions to popcorn popping. I love this age... But I'm not sure I love the tantrums and the "mine" mentality.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

There is a first for everything

Today was exhausting.

Lacey has had a cold for the past few days and is now in the lingering cough phase. Last night we had a dinner with our Landlord and a bunch of his tenants. Lacey had a cough, but we didn't think too much of it until we were on our way to the restaurant and she started throwing up. At first it was just a little, but then it was everything! Every time we gave her a sip of water it would come back up. We were driving one of our neighbors so we decided to go and just tough it out. We figured it wouldn't be a problem since Lacey was as happy as could be after that and her stomach was completely empty by that point.

We decided to give her a couple pieces of bread to see if she would be able to keep it down. Nope. Then a little water. Still didn't keep it down. We had already ordered our food but I didn't think it was a good idea to stay much longer so I asked a neighbor to give Scott a ride home so I could take Lacey. Luckily we were on the look out, so every time she threw up we caught it in one of their little to go trays. I had a couple in my hand when I walked out just in case I needed them on the way to the car.

Fast forward to today. Lacey was so happy when she woke up. She ate breakfast like a champ and she was being so cute. We decided to go to the Zoo with one of our friends. She loved it and was in a great mood the entire time. Then on our way home she started coughing. I was worried it would turn into throwing up so I handed Lacey one of the trays that we used the night before (a clean one). She did her best on the drive home to throw up into the tray but she doesn't quite understand the whole concept of holding the tray horizontally instead of vertically. She threw up into the tray and it just ran down and into her lap. When I got home she was covered, the car seat was covered, as soon as I picked her up I was streaked with throw up. I got her cleaned up and down for a nap.

I was so stressed out about how I was going to make it to my nanny job in a little over an hour. I hurried and took off her carseat cover and washed it the best that I could in the sink and then dried it. I was just so overwhelmed and I was still covered in Lacey's vomit. Then I texted the parents and asked if any other arrangements could be made. They are the most amazing and understanding people ever. They took care of it and I was able to stay home with Lacey and help her to feel a little better. This was the first time since Lacey was born that I had tears because I was so overwhelmed and grateful. I'm just hoping she gets better soon!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Beach Time

It was actually warm out today, so a bunch of us girls decided to go to the beach... (the beach of the midwest... Lake Michigan) This was Lacey's first time, and she wasn't really sure what to think when we first got there. She didn't like the feeling of sand under her feet and just wanted to be held for a while. Then we went down to the lake and it was FREEZING. There were like 20 little kids running around and splashing in the water so I thought it would be warmer than it was, but no... it was COLD.

Once Lacey had a few minutes she decided that she loved it. She loved the sand, and the rocks, and the water, and the other kids. She loves to be outside and playing. It was great being able to be outside and not feel freezing. We didn't even need to wear a sweatshirt! Lacey found a little cup and played in the sand for a good 30 minutes without running off. I think that is the longest amount of time that she has ever been content hanging out in the same spot. It was wonderful to be able to sit and socialize with some of the other moms.

I can't wait to take her back to the beach when we have another warm day. I am so tired of this cold weather that we have been having. It's May for crying out loud. That means we are going to skip Spring completely and be hit with Summer weather. I will probably regret saying this later, but for now, BRING ON THE HEAT!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Final Final

It is crazy how fast the past 3 years have gone by. We are just about to go into our final year of dental school.

Scott just took his last final of school EVER. It has been a long week of studying for him, and a long week of me trying to keep my distance and not be too distracting. Now it is done, he is finished. His fourth year is just going to be clinic. He will have to take his licensure exam, but that isn't really a class test.

I am so proud of how hard Scott has worked to get to where he is today. I am so grateful that he is the one who is still in school and not me. I don't think I would be able to do what he does. He spends long days studying and working with patients and then comes home and is a great dad and husband. He helps me around the house, he changes diapers, he takes Lacey to the park. Scott is a freaking Rock Star.

I think he is going to be an amazing dentist... in a year. Weird... he's going to be a dentist. I laugh sometimes when Scott is describing procedures that he did in clinic because it is hard for me to realize that he is actually doing the procedures. He is pulling peoples teeth. He is numbing people up. He is drilling on peoples teeth. He even spends some time in Oral Surgery doing things that are even harder for me to imagine him doing. Next year about this time he will be Dr. Scott Robinson DDS. Mind Blown. How did we get so old? When did we become grown ups?

Here's to no more finals in dental school.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

She's the adventuring type

This girl knows what she wants and she will go to whatever lengths she needs to get what she wants.

Today I walked into Lacey's room where she was playing and found her climbing into her crib from the rocking chair that we have in there. She wanted one of her binkies and couldn't reach it from the side so she decided just to climb in by herself. She was so proud of herself. Where do they learn these things?

Lacey went into the kitchen today and she was being super quiet, then I heard some of the cupboards opening. We usually keep the cupboards latched shut, so I wanted to see what she was getting into. She had pushed over one of our kitchen chairs to the counter, climbed onto the counter and was getting into one of our upper cabinets. Seriously?

Today she fell off the kitchen table. I feel so bad that it happened, she was playing with a spoon and a bowl at the table. I figured that I would let her entertain herself for a bit and I left the room. I heard a crash and she was screaming. Scariest thing ever, I had no idea if she hit her head, broke a bone, all I knew is that she was screaming and just wanted to be held. She is usually pretty good about telling me where she hurts but she wouldn't let go of me. She just wanted to cuddle. I checked her head a million times, but I didn't see any type of bruise or bump forming. I guess it is time to gate up the kitchen again.

This was all in one morning. Lacey definitely keeps me on my toes. Hopefully she can stay adventurous without getting into too much trouble.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Go Brewers!

Tonight we went to the Brewers game with some of the students from Scott's clinic. I feel like it is aways such a different feeling hanging out with his classmates then it is hanging out with our normal crowd. We are usually the only ones who have a kid and we are usually the only ones who don't have a beer in our hand. Everyone just ogles over how cute Lacey is. Lacey is going through a stranger danger phase right now, so she isn't sure what to think about all the people coming up to talk to her.

She was a trooper, she didn't fuss too much all night and we stayed out almost 2 hours past her normal bed time. Lacey isn't too fond of sitting in one place for longer then about 30 minutes, she mostly wanted to walk around and explore. Luckily we got to see 3 home runs while we were at the game. The mascot, Bernie, goes down a big yellow slide on the side of the field (Lacey thought that was pretty cool and kept asking us to take her to the slide). They also do a series of fireworks to cheer on the home run. Every time the fireworks stopped Lacey would turn to me and would ask to do it one more time. After the fifth inning we went and grabbed some Dip n' Dots. Lacey thought they were pretty great. The only problem was that she wanted to feed them to herself. Dip n' Dots don't stay on the spoon as well as normal ice ream does, so it was a little messier than I had intended it to be.

The weather was wonderful today, so here are some pictures from earlier in the day. Sometimes I watch a little girl who lives in the building over.

Monday, May 2, 2016


Today the weather was finally in the 50's... low 50's but still we were so excited that we could go outside and not freeze! We were able to spend a couple hours outside today, swinging, going down the slide, stepping on ants, and playing with the different toys we have in the cul-de-sac.

Lacey has decided that she has an opinion about everything lately. I will ask her if she wants to do something and she will think about it then usually shakes her head and says "no." Tonight, as I was putting her down to bed she asked me to sing her 1 more song. She stopped me mid-song three times wanting me to sing her a different song. Sometimes she does a great job communicating what she wants, other times she gets frustrated because I don't understand. Every day she is getting better at letting me know what she needs.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

My view

Sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant. I'm not super big or uncomfortable and Lacey keeps me pretty busy. Then I get a glimpse of myself as I walk past a mirror or by a window at a store. Yep, there is definitely a bump now. I'll have to take a side view sometime, but for now here is some proof that there really is a baby growing. Even if I don't believe it sometimes.

I can't believe that I'm already 23 weeks along. That just seems crazy to me. Time sure has gone by quicker this pregnancy. I'm a little scared about what having two is going to look like for me. One minute I feel like I can take on the world, but then the next I wondered what I got myself into.

I know we still have plenty of time, but I am starting to worry about what we are going to name this one. It took Scott and I a while to agree on the name Lacey. This time seems to be proving even more difficult.