Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Go Brewers!

Tonight we went to the Brewers game with some of the students from Scott's clinic. I feel like it is aways such a different feeling hanging out with his classmates then it is hanging out with our normal crowd. We are usually the only ones who have a kid and we are usually the only ones who don't have a beer in our hand. Everyone just ogles over how cute Lacey is. Lacey is going through a stranger danger phase right now, so she isn't sure what to think about all the people coming up to talk to her.

She was a trooper, she didn't fuss too much all night and we stayed out almost 2 hours past her normal bed time. Lacey isn't too fond of sitting in one place for longer then about 30 minutes, she mostly wanted to walk around and explore. Luckily we got to see 3 home runs while we were at the game. The mascot, Bernie, goes down a big yellow slide on the side of the field (Lacey thought that was pretty cool and kept asking us to take her to the slide). They also do a series of fireworks to cheer on the home run. Every time the fireworks stopped Lacey would turn to me and would ask to do it one more time. After the fifth inning we went and grabbed some Dip n' Dots. Lacey thought they were pretty great. The only problem was that she wanted to feed them to herself. Dip n' Dots don't stay on the spoon as well as normal ice ream does, so it was a little messier than I had intended it to be.

The weather was wonderful today, so here are some pictures from earlier in the day. Sometimes I watch a little girl who lives in the building over.

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