Thursday, May 19, 2016

There is a first for everything

Today was exhausting.

Lacey has had a cold for the past few days and is now in the lingering cough phase. Last night we had a dinner with our Landlord and a bunch of his tenants. Lacey had a cough, but we didn't think too much of it until we were on our way to the restaurant and she started throwing up. At first it was just a little, but then it was everything! Every time we gave her a sip of water it would come back up. We were driving one of our neighbors so we decided to go and just tough it out. We figured it wouldn't be a problem since Lacey was as happy as could be after that and her stomach was completely empty by that point.

We decided to give her a couple pieces of bread to see if she would be able to keep it down. Nope. Then a little water. Still didn't keep it down. We had already ordered our food but I didn't think it was a good idea to stay much longer so I asked a neighbor to give Scott a ride home so I could take Lacey. Luckily we were on the look out, so every time she threw up we caught it in one of their little to go trays. I had a couple in my hand when I walked out just in case I needed them on the way to the car.

Fast forward to today. Lacey was so happy when she woke up. She ate breakfast like a champ and she was being so cute. We decided to go to the Zoo with one of our friends. She loved it and was in a great mood the entire time. Then on our way home she started coughing. I was worried it would turn into throwing up so I handed Lacey one of the trays that we used the night before (a clean one). She did her best on the drive home to throw up into the tray but she doesn't quite understand the whole concept of holding the tray horizontally instead of vertically. She threw up into the tray and it just ran down and into her lap. When I got home she was covered, the car seat was covered, as soon as I picked her up I was streaked with throw up. I got her cleaned up and down for a nap.

I was so stressed out about how I was going to make it to my nanny job in a little over an hour. I hurried and took off her carseat cover and washed it the best that I could in the sink and then dried it. I was just so overwhelmed and I was still covered in Lacey's vomit. Then I texted the parents and asked if any other arrangements could be made. They are the most amazing and understanding people ever. They took care of it and I was able to stay home with Lacey and help her to feel a little better. This was the first time since Lacey was born that I had tears because I was so overwhelmed and grateful. I'm just hoping she gets better soon!

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