Sunday, May 1, 2016

My view

Sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant. I'm not super big or uncomfortable and Lacey keeps me pretty busy. Then I get a glimpse of myself as I walk past a mirror or by a window at a store. Yep, there is definitely a bump now. I'll have to take a side view sometime, but for now here is some proof that there really is a baby growing. Even if I don't believe it sometimes.

I can't believe that I'm already 23 weeks along. That just seems crazy to me. Time sure has gone by quicker this pregnancy. I'm a little scared about what having two is going to look like for me. One minute I feel like I can take on the world, but then the next I wondered what I got myself into.

I know we still have plenty of time, but I am starting to worry about what we are going to name this one. It took Scott and I a while to agree on the name Lacey. This time seems to be proving even more difficult. 

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