Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Final Final

It is crazy how fast the past 3 years have gone by. We are just about to go into our final year of dental school.

Scott just took his last final of school EVER. It has been a long week of studying for him, and a long week of me trying to keep my distance and not be too distracting. Now it is done, he is finished. His fourth year is just going to be clinic. He will have to take his licensure exam, but that isn't really a class test.

I am so proud of how hard Scott has worked to get to where he is today. I am so grateful that he is the one who is still in school and not me. I don't think I would be able to do what he does. He spends long days studying and working with patients and then comes home and is a great dad and husband. He helps me around the house, he changes diapers, he takes Lacey to the park. Scott is a freaking Rock Star.

I think he is going to be an amazing dentist... in a year. Weird... he's going to be a dentist. I laugh sometimes when Scott is describing procedures that he did in clinic because it is hard for me to realize that he is actually doing the procedures. He is pulling peoples teeth. He is numbing people up. He is drilling on peoples teeth. He even spends some time in Oral Surgery doing things that are even harder for me to imagine him doing. Next year about this time he will be Dr. Scott Robinson DDS. Mind Blown. How did we get so old? When did we become grown ups?

Here's to no more finals in dental school.

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