Saturday, May 28, 2016

Last minute plans

today as we were getting our shoes on to make a trip to Costco I saw how beat up Scott's shoes had gotten. He is required to wear white shoes while he is in clinic and he has used the same pair for the past three years. It was time for him to get some new ones. Instead of going to our normal Costco we decided to go down to the outlet mall that is 45 minutes from us. What we didn't realize is the fact the it is Memorial Day weekend. It was absolutely crazy. We had Lacey in her stroller and it took us twice as long to get anywhere because there were so many people. We were able to find so many good deals. Scott has a couple new pairs of shoes and Lacey has a new wardrobe.

It was a pretty great day. We hardly ever decide to do anything last minute, so this was a fun change. To top it off, Scott even made dinner and cleaned the kitchen.

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