Wednesday, May 4, 2016

She's the adventuring type

This girl knows what she wants and she will go to whatever lengths she needs to get what she wants.

Today I walked into Lacey's room where she was playing and found her climbing into her crib from the rocking chair that we have in there. She wanted one of her binkies and couldn't reach it from the side so she decided just to climb in by herself. She was so proud of herself. Where do they learn these things?

Lacey went into the kitchen today and she was being super quiet, then I heard some of the cupboards opening. We usually keep the cupboards latched shut, so I wanted to see what she was getting into. She had pushed over one of our kitchen chairs to the counter, climbed onto the counter and was getting into one of our upper cabinets. Seriously?

Today she fell off the kitchen table. I feel so bad that it happened, she was playing with a spoon and a bowl at the table. I figured that I would let her entertain herself for a bit and I left the room. I heard a crash and she was screaming. Scariest thing ever, I had no idea if she hit her head, broke a bone, all I knew is that she was screaming and just wanted to be held. She is usually pretty good about telling me where she hurts but she wouldn't let go of me. She just wanted to cuddle. I checked her head a million times, but I didn't see any type of bruise or bump forming. I guess it is time to gate up the kitchen again.

This was all in one morning. Lacey definitely keeps me on my toes. Hopefully she can stay adventurous without getting into too much trouble.

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