Friday, May 29, 2015

7 months

7 months

Clothes: Lacey still fits really well in Carter's 3 month clothes, but I have been slowly adding her 6 month clothes into the mix because I am tired of her 3 month clothes.

Sleep: We recently just went to Utah to visit, which threw off Lacey's sleep schedule. We are working to get her back on track. I feel like our battle to get Lacey to sleep a decent amount is never going to end.

Milestones: She is great at sitting up all by herself. She is starting to "crawl" if you can call it that. She is also doing really well eating solid foods.

Firsts this month:
  • First tooth
  • First time eating cheerios
  • First time eating watermelon
  • First time sitting by herself in the tub
  • First time meeting her uncle Parker, uncle Steve, and aunt Heidi
  • Meeting her great grandma Nevada

  • Playing soccer

  • Looking at herself in a mirror and giving herself kisses
  • Being outside
  • Being in her stroller as long as the sun isn't in her face
  • Any attention she can get from anyone
  • Eating food all by herself
  • Kisses from her mommy and daddy, she giggles and squeals the whole time
  • Sitting in the tub by herself and splashing. 

  • Walking around, holding mommy's fingers
  • Eating in her big girl chair (making a mess, I haven't let her get this messy since, haha.)

  • Going to church for 3 hours
  • Green baby food
  • Being held by other people when her mommy is standing there
  • Being sick
Things I want to remember

  • We watched our neighbor's little girl one day. Lacey was asleep when they brought her over, and when she woke up I put her down next to our neighbor. This was her reaction, she did this for like 10 minutes straight. 

  • Lacey thinks that she is one of the big kids. Every time she sees any kids playing she starts kicking her legs, smiling, and giggling. She is so ready to be able to run around with all the big kids.
  • Lacey absolutely adores our neighbors, Max, Luke, and Jack. Sometimes we can hear them in the hall when they are coming in from outside and Lacey will get a big smile on her face and start kicking her legs. 
Max, Lacey, and Luke

Jack and Lacey
Luke and Lacey
My Laundry Helper

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