Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine's Day

Scott and I don’t usually do anything too big or exciting on Valentine’s Day. I have known him for 7 Valentines days… CRAZY.

The first year we knew each other he brought me roses… I thought it was a little weird, I think we might have gone on one date before that, and it was the first time a boy had ever bought me flowers, (unless I count the boy who hit me with his car in high school and his mom MADE him bring me flowers.) I don’t even think we went on a date that night, I’m pretty sure Scott just dropped off some flowers for me.

I can’t remember our second Valentine’s Day, but I’m sure we probably went out to dinner or something. The next two he spent in Japan, and he usually sent me something small. I sent him a few packages while he was gone. Do you know how expensive those things are to send to Japan? For anything larger than a novel it costs like $40.

The last three we have spent happily as husband and wife. I’m sure we probably did dinner together, but I can’t remember doing anything too special.

This year I wanted to do something a little more memorable. I wrote down a bunch of reasons why I love him on post-it notes and put them up all around the house. It was fun watching him hunt for them and look in the most random places that he could think of. I hid some really well, so I can picture him finding random love notes months down the road. I think I made 100 post-its… and our apartment is pretty darn small. I really had to get creative with my hiding skills.  I also got him box of chocolates… a big one (I was on a diet over Valentine’s Day, so I had to get him the big box so I could make sure there would be some left for me once my diet ended.) He bought me a purse that I had seen and really liked, the one that I was using was starting to fall apart, and I love the new one.

The day after Valentine’s Day we went over to a friend’s house for a Valentine’s Day party. There were four other couples, and we played a game. It was pretty much the newlywed game; we were competing to see who knew their spouse the best. We were in second place when we got to the last question, unfortunately we wagered it all and got the question wrong, making us end up in last.

There are so many amazing people out here that are in pretty much the same situation as us. We love having friends that are so similar who live close by. Valentines weekend was definitely fun this year.

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  1. What a cute idea! We're lame valentine's Day celebraters too.