Sunday, March 1, 2015

4 months

4 months

She was born on the 29th so I don't know exactly when to consider her officially 4 months old (February 28 or March 1?) I cannot believe how fast time is going. Sometimes I am anxious for her to reach the next milestone, but most of the time I want her to stay little forever.

Three Month Stats:

Height: 23.5 inches (8%)
Weight: 11 lbs (1%)
Head: 16 inches (38%)

Clothes: I think we are almost ready to pack up all of our newborn outfits. I can squeeze her into newborn onesies, but the 3 month ones are so much easier to get on. I still use some of the newborn pants that are long enough because the 3 month ones are pretty big around her belly.

Sleep: She has good days and bad days. We are still working on the whole taking naps during the day thing. If she doesn't get a good nap then she is super cranky! Her nights have been going much smoother. I am usually up with her around midnight and then again around 4. That is so much better than it has been, so I can't complain. I still rock her or nurse her to sleep but sometimes she will wake up right when I set her down and she will fuss for a minute and then fall right back to sleep.

Milestones: She started rolling over (tummy to back)! I was so excited when it happened for the first time. She has only done it a handful of times, and I don't think that she has any idea what happened because she always looks super surprised. 

Firsts this month:
  • First time rolling over
  • Valentines Day
  • First time finding her feet
  • First Pedicure (I painted her toe nails pink)
  • Being laid down awake and putting her self to sleep
  • Being left with a babysitter
  • Eating rice cereal and oatmeal cereal
  • Looking at herself in a mirror, one of her toys has a mirror and she just smiles at herself 
  • Nursing to sleep, it's pretty much the only easy way to get her to fall asleep
  • Her hands, they are always in her mouth, even when she is trying to eat
  • Being held up in the air and rocked back and forth.
  • Facing outward when being held
  • Getting raspberries blown on her belly and thighs 
  • Any attention she can get from her mommy and daddy 
  • Standing up with help from mommy, daddy or her jumperoo
  • Playing in her Swing
  • Her little pink elephant that vibrates
  • Being burped
  • Getting her diaper changed in the middle of the night
  • Loud noises
  • Being in her carseat when she is tired
Things I want to remember
  • She will talk and talk when she first wakes up. She just looks at me and talks and giggles for 15 minutes when she is nice and rested. 
  • She recently started to let us hold her facing us again. When she is super tired she will rest her head on my shoulder and snuggle for a few minutes. This used to never happen, she would scream if she wasn't being held face out (unless she was eating).
  • I took Lacey to the grocery store, and got her all bundled up. She was pretty cute in all her winter gear and she was wearing a cute beanie that a friend made for us. We were chased out of the store by a lady telling us how adorable she was and how much she liked her little hat. I think that Lacey is the cutest girl in the world, and I will never get tired of other people telling me that they think that she is adorable too.

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