Monday, September 8, 2014

It (was) my Birthday!

I think I like Scott having birthdays(and half birthdays) more than I like having my birthday. This year was pretty laid back. Scott had a bunch of studying to do and I wasn't to picky about what I wanted to do. I was able to sit back relax and read a little while Scott studied and then he took me out for ice cream. Usually we go to Kopp's to get custard, but we had a gift card for Cold Stone, which I don't think we have had in a couple year, and decided that we would go there instead. Scott is a cake batter ice cream with brownies kind of guy and I love their oatmeal cookie batter with brownies and caramel. It was a nice treat, and since it was further away than we expected we decided to both get the big size, which ended up giving us desert for a couple of days. 

We had a couple friends over for cupcakes and a game on Friday to celebrate. It was a perfect way to "celebrate", even if I didn't win the game. 
We bought Blue frosting, and it turned your entire mouth
blue when you ate the cupcakes.

26 is a lot of candles, I almost blew them all out, but I
blame being pregnant for decreasing my lung capacity.

Scott said that we needed proof that I actually do have friends.

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