Saturday, November 8, 2014

Things I will/won't miss about being pregnant

Things that I will miss:
  • Being able to eat whatever I want and then  blame it on being pregnant and eating for two. 
  • Wearing pajama pants whenever I want and not have anyone question it. 
  • Feeling Lacey move around, and knowing that it is something that is just between me and her. 
  • Having an excuse to why my stomach isn't completely flat. I do have a little flexibility with this one. I can still blame my tummy on the fact that I just had a baby. 
  • People being excited for me and Scott.
  • Sleeping through the night
Things that I will not miss:
  • Constantly being told how huge I look. I understand that pregnant women get bigger when they get closer to their due date. However, I don't that anyone appreciates being called huge under any circumstance.
  • Having to get my momentum going to change positions.
  • Not being able to bend over comfortably to tie my shoes or pick something up.
  • People wanting to always touch or rub my belly.
  • Having only a couple outfits to choose from because nothing else fit. 
  • Feeling like I swallowed a basket ball.
  • Always worrying about the last time I felt Lacey move.
  • Going to the doctor so often

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