Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I'm going to get fat...

We have gone out to eat so many times during the lady few days!  I'm seriously going to get fat before we leave.  I've done pretty good about eating well since getting pregnant,  but I'm on vacation and I'm eating like I'm on vacation.  

Today I ate the yummiest deep fried chicken stuffed avacado. It was so yummy.  I kind of have a thing for avacado.  I could eat avacado with every meal. Now I need to learn how to make deep fried stuffed avocado at home. 

Our first day out here we ate some amazing Thai food. I love coconut curry, and it was the perfect amount of spicy. We are probably going to back again while we are here.

We ate gourmet grilled cheese on Monday. I love not having to cook! I hate what eating out is doing to our wallet. I seriously think I've gained a pound a day since we have been here. Pregnant or not that is too much weight to gain.

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