Thursday, March 31, 2016

This time around hasn't been as much fun.

My pregnancy with Lacey was pretty average. I had a crappy first trimester and then things started to look up for me. I started feeling better, I got my energy and appetite back, I could feel her squirming around. This time it has been so different. I'm still a little nauseous most days. Some days are worse than others and I occasionally have a great day but I still don't feel like a normal human being.

I'm beyond tired these days. Maybe it's because I am chasing after my crazy 1 year old all day, maybe it's because I'm not sleeping well at night, maybe it's because I'm not eating enough because nothing sounds good.

I'm almost 19 weeks and still haven't felt this baby move. Maybe once or twice, while wearing some tight jeans... And bending over, I might have felt some movement. Stupid anterior placenta! I started feeling Lacey move around 17 weeks and I loved it.

Dr. Appointments are more of a hassle this time around. Am I supposed to get a babysitter for Lacey? Do I take her to all of my appointments? It was exciting with Lacey to hear the heartbeat and get all my questions answered. This time I don't really have many questions and those 5 minute appointments are cramping my style.

Apparently, my face hates me being a mom. I broke out pretty bad when I was pregnant with Lacey, and it didn't get any better after. Probably because I was breastfeeding. Then I got pregnant before I stopped breastfeeding. So I guess this mess of a face is sticking around until I'm done having kids.

Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited and can't wait to have this baby in my arms but I'm not really digging all these pregnancy side effects.

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