Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mean GirlI

Today while Lacey and I were waiting for the kids we pick up from school we decided to play on the little playground by the school. One of the things is a little metal thing that some of the kids like to hang upside down on. Lacey loves it for some reason. 

I picked Lacey up and let her sit on the yellow bar while she held onto the blue one. She thought she was so cool sitting up there.

 Then a little girl comes up and say "she needs to move or I'm going to kick her."  Okay... I took Lacey down, which she wasn't very happy about but I didn't want her to get kicked. She was standing by the side watching the girl hang upside down then the girl drops down and comes over to where Lacey was. Then say again, "she needs to move or I'm going to kick her." Then she swings her legs up and kicks her. I was shocked and pretty peeved that some 6 year old just kicked Lacey on purpose. I picked Lacey up as she started to cry and I said "some girls are just mean" loud enough for that girl to hear me. I didn't know what else to do. Go find the girl's parents? 


On our way back to the car Lacey wanted to carry the girls lunch box and hold her hand as they walked. She is so much fun!

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