Friday, March 4, 2016


The last few nights Lacey has decided to wake up and scream in the middle of the night.  Scott will go in and try to help her but all she has wanted was her momma. She was doing so good with the whole sleeping through the night thing,  so this really wasn't something I expected or wanted.  Last night she was up every two hours.  Then it would take me a good 45 minutes of rocking before she was ready to go back to her crib.  It is so exhausting getting up that many times.  I was just hoping I would have 6 more months of a full nights sleep before I had to start getting  up again at night.
This morning she woke up with pink eye  so we got her in to see the doctor. Turns out she has a pretty bad double ear infection. Luckily we decided to go in today, and hopefully she stays feeling better (and sleeping through the night) again soon.

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  1. a double ear infection will do it. hoping for a good night's sleep tonight.