Friday, April 1, 2016

The binky dilemma

Lacey LOVES her binky! Every night before bed she needs to have one in her mouth and another one in her hand.  That is the ONLY way we can get her to fall asleep without a fuss.  Scott wants to start to weak her from the binky. We only allow her to have one (or two) during nap time and bed time. 
When we get her out of bed we make her leave her binkies in her crib.  The last few days I have found her like this in the middle of the day.

She pulls a box over and then attempts to climb up her crib.  Then she gets stuck and won't let go until we come get her.  She's been fairly dramatic about the whole thing.  She will lay down next to her crib and cry. Sometimes if she is acting toed enough I'll ask her off she's ready for a nap. She usually responds yes and will sit in her crib sticking on her binky for a good 20 minutes before asking to get back out.  It's so frustrating.  Scott is wanting to completely wean her and the thought of that is so overwhelming.  Do I first wean her from the hand binky? Or do I take both away,  cold turkey and just try to get through a few REALLY rough nights.

Wish me luck!

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