Thursday, April 14, 2016

What a LONG day.

Just as I thought, my day started off with tears as I left Lacey with our neighbor. She didn't even seem to care that I was leaving. I know that she didn't realize how long I would be gone, but she was content just playing with her friend.

Those of you who know me might know that I don't really do well in groups larger than 2 or 3. I am pretty quiet, I don't really talk or take part in what is going on. I become an observer and just watch... I don't know why I do it, but I kind of hate that I do. I guess I do know why I do it, I over analyze everything that I think about saying, but the time the thought is approved the conversation has usually moved onto a completely new topic. I hate talking over people. I decided that this trip would be different I wanted to try and be part of the group instead of worrying about fitting in with these girls. (They all do stuff together, I have a different group of friends that I hang out with regularly so I thought they would be a little clickish)

The drive was long... longer then I thought it would feel. It might have been that the van we rented was so uncomfortable. It might have been the fact that being pregnant in general is just uncomfortable. I don't know, it just seemed to take forever for us to finally get to Cleveland. Once we got there it was just a little awkward. I almost wish I would have stayed home with Lacey. I didn't know anyone. Two of the girls had gone the year before and they knew pretty much everyone. I was a long night of observing...haha.

Before Lacey went to bed I wanted to say good night to her. So I pulled out my phone and did a video call back home. Lacey went crazy she was so sad and all she wanted was her momma. I cried again. Man, that girl really knows how to pull at her mommy's heart strings. Maybe video call wasn't the best idea. I'm glad that she missed me and my life wasn't just obsolete.

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