Friday, April 15, 2016

Meetings, meetings, meetings

So much for getting a good night's rest. I got to share a room with my friend and her 6 month old baby. He was up for  the majority of the night. I think that my friend felt really bad about it, but there wasn't anything she could do. I started my day off pretty tired and cranky.

From what I had heard about conference it sounded like we would have time to hangout a little, maybe go explore the city. It wasn't like that at all today. I guess we did finish up the day around 6:30 so that gave us some time in the evening to ourselves but I feel like we had not stop things on our itinerary all day long.

In the morning we were able to go listen to a lecture about fraud in the dental office. It was a huge eye opener. The lecturer had lost about 125,000 because his office manager was skimming money from his accounts. How crazy is that? Now I know that the books are something that we definitely want to be keeping a close eye on. Not because we don't trust the person who will be keeping them, but just so we can stay informed about how the practice is doing.

There were several other meetings that pretty much bored me to tears. Luckily, my friend brought her little boy to all of the meetings.  He was a great and much needed distraction during some of the more boring parts of the day.

The last meeting of the day was great. I got a lot of information about the organization and what they do. I also learned a lot about disability insurance, life insurance, and loan consolidation. It was great having a meeting directed right to the student spouses, most of the other meetings were directed toward practicing dentists. The best part of this meeting is that I was able to win a prize! I swear I never win things, but this time I did. I won a Galaxy tablet! How awesome is that? It was a great way to finish off the long day.

After the meetings we went out with a bunch of girls to go get some dessert. We went to a cute little cupcake shop just down the road from the hotel. I'm not a huge cupcake fan, but they were pretty delicious. It was great being able to go out without having to worry about chasing around a toddler.

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