Saturday, April 16, 2016

Finally some fun time!

After listening to a bunch of political stuff this morning during breakfast we were able to go out and see a little bit of Cleveland. Kimmy had been there before so she recommended going to the little farmers market thing they had going on.

We got to try some amazing fruit from some vendors and then we grabbed some lunch before heading back to the hotel. For lunch we grabbed some amazing gyros. They seriously were so yummy. Since getting pregnant I just don't have the appetite that I once had. I was only able to eat half of it before I threw out the rest. Usually I have Scott around to eat all of my left overs.

 After we got back we had to go on a trolley tour of the city. I wish we could have just sat around and hung out in the nice weather all afternoon. The tour was fun, but it was also a little too long. 3 hours, going around in circles.

Then we had our closing gala. We got dressed up... sorta. I'm not huge yet, but any of my nice dresses definitely don't fit me anymore. I look huge in pictures, but really I'm not that big in real life.

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