Sunday, April 17, 2016


I am so glad to be home. I can't believe how much I missed being away from Lacey and Scott. It was nice to have a little time away, but I appreciate my life a little more now. Yesterday I was all for getting up early and getting home early. I wanted to be back home with my little family. Well, we ended up staying up and talking well into the night. I think it was about 3 in the morning by the time we finally went to bed.

We met some really fun girls whose husbands are going to dental school in San Antonio. They were pretty funny and we had a TON in common. We stayed up laughing and talking for forever. Every time we said we were going to bed the conversation would start up again. I hope that we keep in touch. I know it's silly. We have only known then for a couple days, but I think we could really stay good friends.

I was so anxious the whole way home to get home to Lacey. I was really hoping that Lacey would be excited to see me when I got home, but it was the opposite. Scott and her came to pick me up at one of the girl's houses and Lacey was asleep when they pulled up. I sat in the back next to her, just in case she woke up. She opened her eyes for a second, glared at me and then went back to sleep. After we got home and she was actually awake she was clingy and plain cranky. Everyone said that she was such an angel while I was away. I guess she was saving up all her crankiness for me. Either way, I am so glad to be back home with my little clan.

After 3 nights away, sharing rooms with 3 different people I am happy to be home in my own bed sharing with my one and only.

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