Thursday, April 7, 2016

A little Lost

I love being a mom. I love that Lacey loves me more than anyone else in this world. I love that I know her better than anyone else in the world. I love being able to brighten her day. I love seeing her light up as she figures out the world around her. I wouldn't change being her momma for anything.
I have found that I have kind of lost myself. Being a mom means that I don't have all the "me" time hat I once had. Someone asked me what I like to do in my spare time and my first thought was "spare time? I'm a mom, I don't have spare time." Usually at that point in the conversation Scott butts in and starts naming all the things I'm good at.... Or at least I used to be good at them. There are so many things that I used to love, used to be good at, used to be able to say when asked about my hobbies. 
I'm making it a goal to spend Lacey's nap time doing the stuff I used to love, hopefully I can find me again. 

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