Thursday, February 25, 2016

My worries

I remembered what I was going to blog about today. One of our neighbors had their second baby today, a beautiful little girl. The mom posted a picture of her first on Facebook talking about how she worries about him with the new baby coming. She worries about him loving his sister, being jealous. She also talked about how she worries about how she will do as a mom, if she will be able to give him the attention he deserves, make him feel loved, and everything else that worries about having two. Her two kids are 22 months apart, he same that Lacey and our next little one will be. I have the same fears and worries about Lacey and whether or not I will be a good mom with two when I feel like I fail at being a mom of only one sometimes.
Lacey hates when I give my attention to other babies. If she ever catches me holding another baby she wants to be held. If I'm playing with another baby she will come out her face in between mine and theirs. I'm sure she'll have an issue with the whole jealous thing. 
Yesterday I got a small glimpse of something that made me excited for two. I picked one of my friends and her little baby up at the airport. Her baby girl cried most of the way home. The entire time Lacey was so concerned for the crying baby sitting next to her. She kept tapping the the handle to her infant carrier and then she started singing. It was very sweet, and made me realize that there are sure to be tough moments, but there will also be these kind of moments that just make my heart burst. 
Lacey is growing up faster than I want her to. We still have six months before we add to our family, but I think she'll be a great older sister when the time comes.

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