Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl and Super Clean

Scott had a couple of our neighbors over tonight for the super bowl. I like watching sports... when I have some kind of connection with the teams playing, but tonight I couldn't care less who won. Having a little get together was great though. I got to stay in the comfort of our own home and let Lacey run around like a wild child.  I just love our situation out here. I couldn't ask for a better place to live, or better friends. It is so much fun having so much in common with the people living next door.

We had a bunch of food sitting out on the table for people to snack on. I walked back into our living room to find Lacey trying to shove an entire brownie into her mouth. I assumed that Scott gave it to her, and was a little bugged because she hadn't really eaten much dinner yet. Then I noticed that the brownies were sitting somewhat close to the edge of the table. Our little stinker's reach is getting longer and longer every day. She is learning to climb to get what she wants and that terrifies me a little. How do they grow up so fast.

On a side note, another pro to having friends over is the cleaning that takes place before hand so our apartment is in presentable condition. Thank you Scott for your hard effort in making our home a more inviting place.

Good job Broncos... Payton deserved to finally win a super bowl.

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