Saturday, February 6, 2016

Poison Control

Today we had to call poison control for the first, and hopefully the last time. Lacey was playing in the kitchen and then she came back into the living room. She gave Scott and I the cutest look and then started throwing up... into my basket of clean clothes. We walked into the kitchen to find what she was eating and found a our dishwasher soap pods on the floor. One of them had a bite mark in them. I panicked. I have read horror stories of little kids eating them and ending up in the hospital. We immediately called poison control and they said that because she didn't really break open the large part of the pod she should be okay. We watched her for an hour to make sure she didn't throw up anymore and she ended up being just fine.

I swear the cupboard under the sink is always locked. I have never been so scared in my life. I'm just glad that she's okay.


  1. that is so scary. i literally just had that thought yesterday when max was helping put one of those in the dishwasher. i hope she's okay. looks like both of us had the scare of our life tonight. ugh.

  2. Ahh! It's so scary! We had to call about a year ago when Rosie ate a roach poison pellet. I'm so glad Lacey is ok