Friday, February 19, 2016


Lacey is pretty amazing sometimes. She has always hit her milestones way before she needed to. She learned to walk quickly, she learned her animals quickly, she learned how to do her animal sounds quickly. She is just a really fast learner, and I think a part of me is pretty proud of that fact. She learns so quickly and is constantly picking up new skills and learning how to respond to more and more questions. I know that she understands a lot of what I say because she will get excited, say yes or no, point out the object I'm talking about etc. She is super smart and I feel like everyday she is just getting smarter.

5 months ago she was really good with all of her animal sounds. She knew about 15 of them and I would quiz her all the time about what a monkey says or what a cow says. In the last couple months I feel like she has regressed a little. For example, she used to say woof for dog, now she just breathes heavily. She still doesn't say "mom" if I ask her to say mom she says bob... she's almost 16 months. I would love to have her say mom sometime soon. Because she always was hitting milestones early I guess I expect so much more of her than I should. She meets all the milestones that she needs to, but for some reason I just wish that she was a little better with her verbal skills.

I know this is a silly thing to worry about. I know she isn't behind, she just is taking her time. Which is fine. I know that she is smart and she understands the words. I'm just waiting for her to figure out the whole talking thing instead of babbling.

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