Thursday, February 18, 2016

Just don't look at me

I have come to accept that I will be spending the majority of my days alone with lacey with little to no adult interaction. It's been that way since lacey was born.  I enjoy the occasional play date and group outing but some days I love having the morning to ourselves with no interruptions. 
This morning was great.  Lacey and I  were able to play for a bit,  eat breakfast together,  ready a few books. She is so full of personality and is the sweetest little girl. She started to get a little tired so I put her down for her nap.
Lately she has been great at sleeping for about 2 hours when she naps. Today I decided to watch a movie.  Something that Netflix recommended.  It was a very sweet,  very sad movie. I don't know what got into me,  but I bawled. Not just a treat or two,  but streaming tears. I'm not a pretty crier... if there even is sick a thing.  My face gets red and blotchy, my eyes get bloodshot and puffy,  and it stays for a good while after the tears stop. 
I'm just glad no one was there to witness it. Until I got a call that someone was locked out of their apartment.  They stopped by mid-cry session and I had to run to the door with red puffy eyes. I then turned my movie back on and returned to crying my eyes out. One of my friends stopped by to drop off a tutu I had let her borrow. Again, I had to go to the door,  this time the tears didn't stop. They just kept on running  the entire time my friend was over. It was only like 2 minutes but it felt like forever.  I couldn't even look her in the eye.  I felt like a total moron.  It was pretty embarrassing. I guess I'm too emotional (and apparently popular) these days to handle a sad movie even when I think I'm alone.

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