Saturday, January 23, 2016

Getting out all her energy

I feel like it is so cold here, so the only time we ever really get out of the house is when we go nanny. I think Lacey is starting to feel a little cooped up from being indoors all day long.

Our friends invited us over for dinner tonight. After dinner we set Lacey down while the grown-ups all talked. She went crazy. Their apartment isn't any bigger than ours, but she was running from the kitchen to the hallway, back to the kitchen over and over again. She was cracking up and screaming and just having a blast while she was running around. She seriously makes our lives so much more fun.

Then as she was running she bumped into something and fell. She bumped her mouth pretty good on Scott's knee  on the way down and there was a little bit of blood and some crying involved. She's a trooper though, after a couple minutes and a quick mouth examination she was ready to do a few more sprints. These are the moments that I wonder what I ever did to deserve such a fun little girl. Can you tell that she has me wrapped around her little finger?

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  1. everybody else's house is so much better than your own. and, yes, having kids is the best.