Thursday, January 14, 2016


I haven't nursed Lacey in the past 24 hours... This is about the hundredth time that I have decided to wean Lacey. Every time that I have tried before she would pull on my shirt and ask for milk. After enough tugging and crying I would eventually give in.

I usually only nurse her right before I put her down for a nap. It is the easiest way to get her to calm down enough to fall asleep. Today, I gave her a sippy cup of milk and then laid her down in her crib. She took a great nap. She didn't ask to nurse at all, which is HUGE... maybe this time we will actually wean her!

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  1. stay tough. my kids were all so great that they weaned themselves by 10 months. however, i may or may not still have an almost four year old with a binky.