Saturday, January 2, 2016

I Was "That" Lady on the Plane

Scott and I are so grateful that his parents paid to fly us back home so we could spend Christmas with them. Before our flight out I read a lot of articles on flying with a toddler and I got as prepared as I could for our trip. Lacey was perfect on both flights home. She didn't make a peep, she napped, she quietly played with the activities I brought for her. She seriously was PERFECT.

Then on the first leg of our flight back to Milwaukee she fell asleep as we were boarding and didn't wake up until after we landed in Denver. At this point I was pretty confident that I had everything under control. I had the whole traveling with a toddler thing down. Not too long into our second flight Lacey was screaming and everyone was turning around to see what all the fuss was about. I was frantically digging through the diaper bag trying to find something that would help settle her down while Scott was looking at me like, "Do something! Fix This! People are Staring at us!!!" Finally we were able to calm her down and people stopped staring.

With about an hour and a half left in the flight Lacey was sitting in my lap being a little fussy when she threw up all over the two of us. I was able to catch most of it in my hand and on the doll we were holding, but it also ended up getting in the diaper bag, on my shoes, on the floor, and all over Lacey's outfit and my jeans. It wasn't just a little bit on throw up either. It was a mess. One of those moments that you just want to forget even happened. Luckily, Scott was sitting with me and was able to pull out our wipes and help get the two of us a little cleaned up. We undressed Lacey, but I didn't want to put on a clean outfit yet just incase everything wasn't out of her system.

Once she threw up she was pretty calm, and just wanted to hang out and sit on my lap. I'm thinking she must not have been feeling very well and that was causing the screaming earlier on the flight. My story doesn't end there, though  I wish it did. Right after they announced we were starting our descent and turned on the seatbelt light Scott leans over and asks me in Lacey was poopy. I lifted her up to find that not only was she poopy, but I also had poop smeared on my jeans where she was hanging out. It was a bummer that we used all of our wipes during the vomit fiasco only an hour before. Luckily our neighbors were sitting behind us and they were willing to lend us a couple wipes to get us cleaned up.

Scott just kept telling me that he was glad it was me that was pooped on and thrown up on because he didn't know if he could handle it. (He definitely wouldn't have been able to handle it) All I could do was laugh. That's one thing I have learned. Life is much more manageable when you are willing to laugh through the most frustrating situations. I'm hoping this experience is something that I never have to deal with again, once is enough.

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  1. from one mom to another, i feel ya. but i can't still laugh about it because i've been there. way to go keeping a handle on things.