Tuesday, January 19, 2016

We're so glad when daddy is home!

When Scott is at school all day Lacey tends to prefer me over him. Then over the weekend she warms back up to Scott. I feel like right when she really starts wanting to hang out with him he has to go back to school. this last weekend he got three days off instead of his usual two.

Lacey was loving having both her parents home to play with her. She loves giving her daddy kisses and is starting to snuggle more than she ever has. Both Scott and I are enjoying her snuggles. She loves to come up and sit on our laps. Her new thing is holding out her hand, asking for our hand and then leading us around the house. Sometimes she has a specific place in mind that she wants to take us to ask for something, other times she just likes to wander around and point at things. She loves pointing at books and having us tell her what she is pointing at. She will throw both of her hands up by her shoulders and and shake them like "I don't know."

Yesterday was a great day... until I got sick and started throwing up... I'll post twice today to make up for it :)

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