Monday, January 11, 2016


Lacey cracks me up sometimes. She has always been a social butterfly (as long as I am close by). When we are at the store she will wave at every person that walks by us. She will continue to wave even if the person isn't looking at her. She has started to act a little more shy recently with her waves, she will wave really quick and then fold her arms. It is so much fun seeing her little personality develop.

Lacey has always been really good about giving me kisses until recently. Now any time I ask her to give momma a kiss she will turn to the closest person, say kiss, then pucker up and lean in. Most of the time the closest person is Scott but occasionally it will be a stranger standing in line behind us, or the neighbor.

Today we came inside from our car just as the mailman was dropping off a package at our door. She leans towards him and said "kiss." Luckily, I know what she is saying but it probably isn't super clear to anyone who doesn't hear her talk all day. I mean, why in the world would she want to give our mailman a kiss? She is such a weirdo sometimes!

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  1. i love, love the stage where kids start to develop their own personalities. so cute.