Tuesday, January 12, 2016

So what's the problem?

Scott and I get along really well. We don't argue too often. We still love hanging out together. We make each other laugh. We both love Lacey more than we ever knew that we could. We still try to read each other's minds to make the other one happy.

All of those things may seem great, but the last one is really not working out for us. Scott and I always have the best of intentions, but we should really stop trying to do what we think the other person wants. We have had so many nights that we do something or go to a certain restaurant just to have both of us disappointed because we only went because it was what we thought the other person wanted. We have wasted a lot of money and time doing things that neither of us really wanted to do in the first place, all because we wanted the other person to be happy.

Tonight it was pizza. He ordered a certain pizza because he thought it was what I wanted, I only listed it as an option for him because he had said that it sounded good to him. We ended up with the pizza I didn't really want and one for him that he thought sounded the best... total failure (for me)! We just aren't very good at communicating what we actually want. For the next week we are going to try a little experiment, maybe it will blow up in our faces, we are going to be totally honest about what we really want. Not leave any room for mind reading or guessing from the other person.

I'm interested to see if things get better or worse.

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  1. so crazy. I just decided today that I was going to do this exact same thing with andy. fingers crossed for us both!