Friday, January 8, 2016


Before I left for Utah I had all these big plans about setting new goals for this year and getting organized. Do you want to know how many goals I have actually written down? None, haha. I had it planned out how I would organize my goals, I had written down the different categories that my goals would fall into, too bad all of that thought has gone to waste so far. 

I think I am still recovering from being on vacation, at least I hope that I am still just recovering. Then again, I might just be being lazy. That's much more likely, I'm sure that I'm just being lazy. Over the last year I have used my lack of sleep as an excuse not to be productive. In all honesty though, I am just as unproductive on days that I get an adequate amount of sleep. 

Maybe on Monday I will turn over a new leaf, write down some of my goals and make a game plan. Maybe on Monday I will have a productive day. Maybe on Monday I will get all of the laundry done that I have procrastinated doing since Utah. Maybe on Monday I will eat start eating healthier... it's a lot of maybes but for right now maybe is good enough for me. 

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