Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's the simple things

When we moved out to Wisconsin we didn't have a microwave. We got by pretty well without one for an entire summer. Then at the end of the summer we helped a couple move into their place, which happened to have a microwave and they offered to give us theirs. It was so nice of them to give us the microwave, we had forgotten how much we were missing out on. Fast forward a year, the same couple moved again but into a bigger place. The new place didn't have a microwave, and they asked for the one we were using back.

After a day or two without having a microwave we thought we were going to die and bought our own microwave. We picked the smallest, cheapest one at Target. Well, I guess you get what you pay for, but about a year ago (when the microwave was only about 6 months old) it started to spark when you used it. It only started to spark maybe one out of twenty times that we would use it. So we just kept on using it and would just stop it when it would start to spark. (We'll probably end up with cancer or something from doing this) Well, a week or two ago it really started to spark. It was so bad we thought that we had caught our microwave on fire. That was the last time we used that microwave.

I only had to go a couple days without a microwave, but it was HARD.  I had to heat up our left overs on the stove, or in the oven, it was so slow, and a lot more work. I didn't know if I could survive without a microwave so we went ahead and invested in a nicer one. Okay by nice I mean we chose a very midline model. Let's just hope that this one will last longer than the last one we bought did.

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  1. congrats your grown-up purchase! i tried once to live without a microwave, but was shocked to know how much i really needed it. enjoy it!