Monday, January 25, 2016

Girl Scout Cookies

So... every year around this time of year my landlord puts in an order for girl scout cookies. He seriously is the nicest guy ever. Last year I looked up a list of girl scout cookies and put in our order. I wanted the lemon cookies, but what I got was not what I was expecting. I learned the hard way that different regions have different cookies available. I was so sad when I opened the box (or two) of the lemon cookies that I had been dreaming of just to find out that they are not the same cookies you can get in Utah.

I even looked into buying some online.... they were $13.00 a box. Seriously? The worst part was I was actually considering buying a box.

I now officially have both my mom and sister on the lookout for girl scouts selling Savannah Smiles. I can't get them here, and it's almost girl scout cookie season. I just have to remind myself that in a couple years we will be back in Utah and I can buy all the lemon cookies I want.

ps... the Somoa cookies (they are called caramel delights here) are also so much better in Utah.

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  1. samoas are THE best ever. never tried the lemon. sounds like i'll have to try them this year.